Shinbukan Dojo is headed by Professor Hans Ingebretson, who has an extensive history in teaching and studying Hawaiian, Japanese, and Filipino Martial Art. Youth classes are held primarily at the Campbell Community Center. Shinbukan Dojo has a variety of different programs available for training in martial art; whether your need is self defense, personal fitness, or development of martial spirit, there is a class available to meet that need. Shinbukan Dojo is located in Campbell, Ca, and is currently accepting new and continuing students.

Hombu Dojo

Shinbukan Dojo has two locations; the Hombu dojo on El Moro drive and the Campbell Community Center. We¬†have classes available for youths, adults, and at the Hombu dojo a mixed group that’s absolutely great for families with members that want to train together. Self-defense, fitness, character development, and the pursuit of superlative martial skill are important and part of our culture here at Shinbukan.


Shinbukan fields a competitive judo team, which attends local and national tournaments during the competition season. Our competitors, as a result of their hard work, dedication, and excellent instruction have done extraordinarily well in their divisions. We have excellent martial art, and the competition results to prove it.

Detailed Instruction

Sensei Hans and Sensei Clayton have decades of experience as competitive Judoka, and it shows in the small, key details transmitted in class. We learn how to work our techniques against fully resisting and non-compliant opponents through randori; this leads to effective self defense and tournament success.

Unlike some modern Judo dojo, we have a firm grounding in both Tachi-waza and Ne-waza, and develop the skill we need to compete on our feet and on the ground.